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The Inter Auto Company was established in 1991. The basic activity of the company is automotive servicing. The organization has been developing and expanding its activity for years to almost all automotive industry branches, from car registration, through import and sale, automotive sheet metal parts and as of 2006 the state of the art technical inspection.
The “INTER AUTO” d.o.o. business company bases its activity on strict compliance with valid regulations and international quality standards. At the beginning of 2007 Interauto initiated a project of armouring the vehicles, thus being the first company in Serbia to do this; it also started to produce bullet-proof glass. Today, we can boast of the fact that our armoured vehicles satisfy the strictest world standards.
We are dedicated to building long term relationships with our clients and we always surpass their expectations with our quality and work. Our goal is constant improvement of our service, growth of market share on the daily basis, and becoming the best choice for all users. INTER AUTO d.o.o. bases its activity on strict compliance with applicable regulations and international quality standards.


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