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Technical Inspection

All vehicles are subject to regular technical inspection once a year (at the time of registration or extension of registration), according to valid regulations. This inspection may be performed 30 days before expiry of vehicle registration. Public transportation vehicles and learner driver vehicles are subject to regular technical inspection every six months.

Technical vehicle checks include whether all prescribed devices and equipment are incorporated and whether they are in good technical condition.

We offer technical checks for:
• passenger vehicles
• light cargo vehicles
• motor cycles
• towed vehicles

Vehicle registration takes you at least a day every year for collection of documents, payment of taxes and other paperwork. In order to make this day easy for you, we offer vehicle registration services in our automotive centre. All you need to do is come to our automotive centre where you can do everything – from technical inspection to vehicle insurance. Therefore, do not hesitate when the time comes for your next registration. Save your valuable time!

You need the following to register your car:
• technical inspection of your car
• vehicle registration certificate
• valid identity card
• mandatory insurance policy with verified payment
• paid charges.

You can have everything done in our facilities.

Ownership Transfer
The change in vehicle owner or vehicle ownership transfer is a substantive-legal procedure, which can also be performed during regular vehicle registration. When buying a used, already registered vehicle, the transfer is performed only in presence of a person registered as the owner in the vehicle registration certificate, i.e. the authorized person, and this means by concluding a purchase or agency agreement, by ratifying signatures with the municipal or court notary. For the agreement or invoice to be valid, it is necessary to pay the tax to the relevant tax administration, 2.5 percent of the estimated value of your latest ‘’toy’’.

Legal Services
settle all legal issues related to vehicle registration in a simple, fast and modern manner. Legal services and clarifications are free of charge for all users of our services. Modern life leaves us very little time for daily obligations. Can you perform them all by yourself? Therefore, we have decided to fulfil your wishes and save your time and money. Long queuing or unkind counter officers are to become the past. All legal services are free of charge for users of our services.

Every driver is obligated to conclude a car liability insurance with an insurance company, which shall pay the compensation for damage suffered by a third party in a traffic accident caused by the insured owner. We can offer you insurance services for your safety on the road through our most eminent insurance companies – WIENER and Delta Generali insurance.

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