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We started a completely new project on our market – vehicles armouring by european standard EN 1063 (from level BR2 to BR7 protection level) at the beginning of 2007 and the production of bullet-proof glass for Peugeot Partner, Peugeot Expert, VW Cady, VW Transporter, Maxi, and we also can manufacture glass for other vehicles.
We armour passenger vehicle brands Audi A8 and A6, BMW series 5 and 7 and other cars against orders. We produce armoured doors and windows for shops, houses and flats in the ballistic protection level BR2 to BR7.
For armoured vehicles we give a 24 months warranty for the incorporated equipment and ballistic glass; and, for special incorporated impenetrable sheet metal our warranty applies as long as the vehicle is in use. We provide homologation and certificate of approvals for incorporated equipment and complete vehicles.

Standard armor:
– Ballistic protection of the cabin and engine compartment
– Reinforcement of A-pillars
– Installation of ballistic glasses
– Door handles
– Ballistic protection of batteries and fuel tanks
– Anti-burglary protection of the cargo part in vehicles for transport of money and valuables.

Download the catalog and view the certificates

* Catalog of production of armored vehicles

* Wheel safety ring

* Iso certificate 14001

* The latest certificate from ballistic testing of our glasses

* Iso certificate

* Certificate of ZASTAVA

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As we are the most affordable, we can boast of an increasing number of satisfied customers across Europe. The quality of our services is evidenced by the successful cooperation with the companies G4S Security Services, Progard Securitas, Securitas SE, Inex Immoguard, Sigurnost Vračar, Revnost Novi Sad, Gordon DOO, PE “Roads of Serbia”, National Bank of Serbia, Argus security projects …

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